Design that works
A2 ARTS design side is pretty lush. We have done a ton of design for tourism, wholesale and retail here in Cancun.

Briefly, design and photo and copy clients include Xcaret, Xel-Ha and more. I co-designed the Xcaret Magazine for a year, Cancun News and a couple of campaigns for Xel-Ha and Ultrafemme - some direct, some agency accounts. I'm the webmaster for the state site,

Techically, the design aspect of the studio features the latest software, and some cool tools, too, like our Electron Blue III monitor's Blue Eye Calibrator.

Copywriting that works
Writing for the media for the longest time, I got my start in radio, moved into print, and then into film and video. This is a good natural education for a copywriter. It has taught me to work well under pressure, more often than not in an environment where the product needed to be defined as we worked. Here in Cancun I write mostly tourism and five-senses/descriptive copy.


[Photography, Design, Copywriting,
Art Direction &/or Strategic Planning]

Aquaworld | Amigos de Sian Ka'an
Amstar Destination Services
Apple Vacations | Barco Jazz Cafe
Puerto Isla Mujeres/Villas Vera
Zama Beach Lounge Spa
Mexican National Trust for Tourism
State of Quintana Roo Tourism
Cities of Bacalar, Chetumal, Cancun, Holbox, Cozumel
& Puerto Morelos
Cancun Department of Municipal Tourism
Cancun Office of Visitors
& Conventions
Cancun Center | Tropical Incentives DMC
USA Department of State
Xcaret, Xel-Ha, Sumidero & Garrafon Parks

Grup Asur/Cancun International Airport
Utramar Marine Ferries (Cozumel/Isla Mujeres)
Mundo Maya | Costa Maya
Rivera Maya | Cancun Hotel Association

Artefact | Delmar
Ultrafemme | 100% Natural
Sabadebo | Hawaiian Tropic
Sunglass Island | La Optica
Grupo RegioMontano

Ad Ideas | BBD&O, NYC
El Despacho | Marin & Rogich
El Buro | Grupo Icon
Einstiened Dado | Aurica
Luciernaga | Mas Marketing

Video & Film Productions:
People & Arts | Discovery Channel
JMC | Mastercom | MTV Networks
Headquarters Films/David Cornell
La Chicharra Studios | Concepto Audio
Machine Head Studios

Cancun Tips | Cancun Nights
Miami Herald | Voz de Mexico
Cancun Menus | American Way
Continental Airlines | Xcaret Magaine

Victor Fosasdo, Silversmith
Pedro Cervantes, Sculptor
Katherine Mariaca, Painter
Marie-Claire Baud de Trey, Painter

A2 Communication Arts is D. Adair Crow. A2 Arts for short, shooting, designing and writing for advertising agencies and direct clients. I'm a multi-disciplined B2B service for tourism and related industries in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Now in Cancun for some 14 years on what was originally a sabattical from the mad world of advertising and video/film production in Austin, Texas, you might question my ability to take vacations. Some break, huh?

Without too much ado, this is my web site, and thus my self-promotion. These things tend to be unbearable, so I've tried to make this 'Just the facts, ma'am', so to speak.

Photography that works
The office/atelier is now equipped with a brand new professional digital photo studio, optimized for fashion and products. It is just the right size to do a bunch of products or some very smoochy high fashion portraits in a day's work.

The high-resolution digital cameras generate huge images, and the set-up means you work very fast and very efficiently. We're lensed with Schnieders, Rodenstocks and Nikon's ED glass. For lights there are 6 matched Norman monoblocks and a P500 or P4000 head with LH400's and LH500's. You'll have light enough for a bus, 200 people, a bus or a single diamond on a Rolex. Add 10 of Videssence's new Cinefluorescents at 5,500 k for fast, drop-dead-beautiful catalog work, and you're working happy. You can rent by the hour, day or week.

Real-world applications of our studio? Last month we did a location shoot for Sabadebo of Pilates and Kick Boxing. You can see the final, 3 meter high images in Las Americas Mall. If it's Cartier and in Sunglass Island's new La Optica campaign, we shot it. If it's a poster of a shell or jewelery at any of Delmar's stores, ditto.

A2 Arts also does location work for stills, film and video. Most recently Hector Navarro of Olin Multimedia and I did the lighting for Dir. David Cornell's VISA commerical for BBDO shot at Le Meridien Hotel.

A2 Arts has a very good stylist for fashion and an excellent lighting assistant. With, er, some 30 years shooting professional editorial and commercial projects for over 30 years, and, er, my assistants' equally long tenure
that's some 90 years of experience working for your product or fashion shoot. Also, we have a profesional foosball table, which is perhaps most important feature of all.

Listen hard and do it right the first time, make the work a fun process. The youngest A2 Arts client has been with me for a year, the oldest is celebrating 12 years with me. It's a diva-free production facility with the emphasis on the work. What do you need for your next campaign?

Last but not least, Hector Navarro (of Olin Multimedia) and I have a support/rental company, called which provides rental gear for film and video and 'No Divas Crews' which provides bi-lingual grips and gaffers and make-up and production managers and... so on, for those who are in need of people what know their way around a set and their C47's from their Mini-brutes...

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