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Studio Rates :
The studio is available in a comforting array of fee structures.

Basic Studio Features:
Wrap around Cyclorama 14' x 14' x 20
White or Greenscreen
Seamless in White, Grey, Black, Ultimatte Blue

Ceiling light suspension system for Normans & Profotos
Overhead Grid
for Kinos, HMI's & Tungstens
Mole/Matthews Rolling Studio Stands

3.5 Ton Grip Truck for all the goodies you might ever want!

Foosball Table featuring America and Toluca
Commercial Espresso Machine
Commercial Kitchen


The Studio:

If you've worked in a pro studio, you're in for a treat. If you've been looking for a pro studio east of Mexico City, you're in for a treat.

If you've never worked in a pro studio - you're going to have a blast and your clients will think you hung the moon.

Cornered Cyc: White + Green Screen

Product Table (transparent)

Norman + Profoto Strobes

Email for a complete equipment list or bid.

Rental equipment available.

Rental space available.