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Studio Rates :
The studio is available in a comforting array of fee structures. You can:

Rent by the hour @ $MN450 per hour - minumum 3 hours, maximum 5 hours.
Studio Day: 8 hour session: $MN 4,500.

Location Day: 8 hours location $MN 7,700 + travel.

Rates include getting your photos burned on a CD ROM the next day. I will do basic color balancing and retouch as I prep your disc. Retouch for model or product defects is available on request and is billed at the hourly studio rate.

Basic Studio Features:
Ceiling light suspension system
C- and Matthews Stands + Extensions
Flags, Nets, Dots, Cookies
Norman Strobes with Modeling Lamps
Norman, Larson, Photoflex & Chimera Light Control
Videssence 5,500k Fluorescents
3 meter seamless in White, Brilliant White, 18 and Dark Grey, Black and Ultimatte Blue
Over 200 fabric samples for product backgrounds
4' Square transparent acryllic product table

Umbrellas and Larson Gold/Silver/White Reflectors
5' x 10' White Silks/Butterflies
Sand Bags & Apple Boxes
Foosball Table featuring America and Toluca

The Studio:

If you've worked in a pro studio, you're in for a treat. If you've been looking for a pro studio in Cancun, you're in for a treat. If you've never worked in a pro studio - you're going to have a blast and your clients will think you hung the moon.

Email for a complete equipment list or bid.

Rental equipment available.

Rental space available.